Our programme of webinars with experts in the field will help your charity to take advantage of the latest in digital technology to better deliver its mission.

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Our webinars are ideal for small charities and those wanting to know how to use free and popular tools to drive more visitors to their website, attract supporters and show the world the difference they make every day.


How Google Analytics helps your charity improve its website (22 November 2017)

How successfully does your charity's website reach its intended audience? How well are you engaging with people online? What does and doesn't work on your website? How can you tell where your website's visitors are coming from or if they're viewing your website on a mobile device? The free Google Analytics tool provides a wealth of data that you can use to evaluate your success online, and help you make decisions to improve the reach of your website. This webinar will give you an overview of Analytics, useful for any non-profit worker with responsibility for their website.

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Presenter:  Jason King is a freelancer who maintains charities' WordPress websites and manages their Google Ad Grants and Analytics. With many clients from the welfare rights, health and law sector. Jason has worked for charities in the UK, USA and Australia. Twitter: @jasoncsking Web: www.kingjason.co.uk  

This webinar is supported by the City of London Corporation's charity, City Bridge Trust.  

Facebook for charities (6 December 2017)

Learn how to increase engagement with your charity’s Facebook page.

If Facebook were a country, it would be the most populous nation on earth ahead of China, with 1.39 billion people logging in each month. It has a suite of free and powerful tools enabling charities to create a public presence, promote their cause to potential supporters and raise awareness of the work they do. But how can charities make the best of Facebook to connect with supporters and increase engagement with their cause?

In this webinar with digital marketing expert, Dawn Newton we will cover: 

- Setting goals to increase engagement
- How to find out what interests your audience
- How to create varied content
- Becoming more playful and visual
- Clearly inviting interaction and crafting questions
- Listen and responding when you get interactions and encourage further discussion
- Review and refine

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Presenter: Dawn Newton helps small organisations get the most out of digital marketing with a focus on social media. She is passionate about campaigns and story-telling that encourages change. , innovative approaches and emotive storytelling. Dawn specialises in placing the audience at the heart of her marketing strategies, creating a real sense of community both online and offline. Clients include: Nike, Kentish Town City Farm, Magneto Films, Calthorpe Project, Media Trust, The Volunteer Network, Small Charities Coalition, London Youth Games and UnLtd. Twitter: @goreckidawn Web: http://morellomarketing.com

This webinar is supported by the City of London Corporation's charity, City Bridge Trust



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Getting started with Googe AdGrants for charities 

The Google Ad Grants programme gives qualified charities upto $10,000 per month of “in-kind” advertising to spend via Google AdWords. Eligible charities and civil society organisations have the opportunity to promote their cause and raise awareness of their services via the world's most widely used search engine. In this webinar with freelance web developer, Jason King, we will cover applying for a Google Grant; writing eye-catching ads that appear in Google search results; good practice for choosing keywords that work; and how to measure results and improve your advertising campaigns. Download the slides from Slideshare.


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EU General Data Protection Regulations

In this webinar with charity data protection expert, Paul Ticher, we look at why data protection is important in a digital world, and what practical things charities and civil society organisations can do to prepare for when the EU General Data Protection Regulations come into force in May 2018. It is vital charities use the next 12 months to understand their new responsibilities and put the required processes in place. Download the slides from Slideshare.

Introduction to WordPress for charities (2017)

In this webinar with freelance web designer Jason King, we look at the basics of getting started with the powerful WordPress content management system. Download the slides from Slideshare.

Ask the experts: Office 365

Office 365 is Microsoft’s web based version of its popular Office software – it comes in free and low cost versions with different features. But where do you start in making sense of the different plans, features and benefits and what do you need to know about making sure its right for your charity? In this webinar with charity IT experts, Co-Operative Systems, we'll look at getting started with the basics of Office 365. Download the slides from Slideshare.

SharePoint and Office 365 for charities

If you’re already using or thinking of moving to Microsoft Office 365, you’ll need to think about where to store your precious documents. In this webinar with charity IT experts, Co-Operative Systems, we look at what is SharePoint and why use it, key features and a practical demonstration of how charities can use it.

Data Protection: the new EU Regulations

This webinar with data protection expert Paul Ticher summarises the new Data Protection & EU Regulations. In this webinar we’ll cover why this new Regulation is happening, key changes to the law and what it means for charities, and what your charity should be doing now to remain compliant.

WordPress for charities (2016)

One in four of the world's websites run on WordPress, including some big name charities. It enables you to edit your website's pages yourselves and is free to use, easy to learn and very flexible. Whether you're considering it for your website, or are already a user, this webinar with WordPress expert Jason King, will guide you thoughwhat WordPress is capable of, how to plan and implement it, and give you a checklist for getting the most out of this useful tool.

Social media / User generated content

Are you having a hard time coming up with engaging content? Are your supporters not responding to your social media posts as much as they should? In this webinar with Jude Habib of Sounddelivery we look at why use user generated content, the pros and cons of user generated content, engaging with mainstream media, and story-telling tricks and tips.

Moving to Office 365?

In this webinar with Co-operative Systems, we discuss what charities need to consider in migrating their IT services to Microsoft Office 365.

Managing technology change

Your organisation works with different client groups and offers a variety of much needed services. But, staff are frustrated and struggle with old and slow computers, an ancient database doesn't really do what you need, the website could do with a refresh, funding is squeezed and the board is reluctant to spend on technology. You are responsible for managing your organisation's technology, you know things need to change, but where do you start?